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Finance365, a new mindset on Governance,
Business Management and Business Internationalization.

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With the right advice, you will take your products to the whole world, your brand will be known and you will still explore internal skills and reduce the potential business risks.

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Corporate governance

With the increase in business complexity and the integration of the global market, together with the recent accounting scandals, the corporate world is increasingly regulated by the Competent Bodies, which requires companies to be adjusted to avoid being surprised by sanctions or fines for non-compliance.


Internationalization of Companies

Finance365 USA is a US company that helps foreign companies enter the United States by providing administrative, financial, marketing, branding, sales and logistics services.


Management and Profit

We believe that companies should invest in Consulting in order to exploit their internal skills and reduce the potential risks of the business. Knowing your company and understanding its performance is a challenge that we are able to undertake with our partners. Investing in performance improvement and making them more competitive. Empowering businesses and empowering people through the transfer of knowledge and practice.


Strategic planning

Plan actions, strategies and follow-up periodically, assists companies and have adequate and more assertive management. Planning, executing and tracking, correcting deviations, really works.

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But what is Finance365?

Finance365, a young and creative company that brings to the market a mindset about Governance, Business Management and Business Internationalization.

Our goal is to present to clients means of increasing their profits through good practices in Corporate Governance, with sustainable growth, creativity and privileging their own workforce, making it possible to expand their business to another country in an organized and assertive way.

Your success is our wish!

Finance365 was brought to life by four extremely successful and experienced entrepreneurs. All members ...

Our vision

Be an effective solution reference for any company that seeks consulting services.

Our mission

Provide consulting services with absolute competence, objectivity and commitment, building a history of transparency, respect and integration between the professionals of our team and our clients.

Our Philosophy

Growing and consolidating are consequences of a package called "credibility", fruit of a work with absolute quality, competence, and personalized service, always surpassing the expectations of each client.

Our Objectives

To be a reference in Corporate Governance, contributing to the sustainable performance of organizations and influencing the agents of our society towards greater transparency, fairness and accountability.

Finance365 Partner Family

Finance365 brings to the market a new mindset on Governance and Business Management. Our goal is to present to clients how to increase their profits through good practices in Corporate Governance, with sustainable growth.

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